Murphy Bed IKEA

When considering a wall bed (also known as a murphy bed)an IKEA murphy bed should be to be on your list of possible places to get one.  Why?  Simply put it is going to be relatively cheap and inexpensive. If of course, you are willing to do the Ikea assembly process, which is never easy.  However, if you are going to get a wall bed or murphy bed, more than likely you will need to be handy because you will have to put it together and combine it with some of the other modular systems so that you will get the best wall bed for the relatively affordable price.

Now, why consider an ikea murphy bed in the first place?  Well mostly it is an alternative to other well known forms of murphy bed mattress used for sleeping.  Okay, well maybe it isn’t a mattress per say but it holds a mattress.  A murphy bed offers the convenience of a simple pull down bed that is ready within seconds without having to blow up any beds or deal with those uncomfortable couch bed mattresses.  You know those old fashioned couch fold outs with a lumpy mattress and a bar in the middle!  It’s a wonder I was able to sleep on those at all. Truly the wall bed or murphy bed allows you to sleep on a “real” bed without the giant structure being in your way during the time you are not using it.

As for the murphy bed in general you can either purchase a pre-made murphy bed mechanism such as this one that you can buy online (click picture)

and use it stand alone or you can go ahead and actually make your own.If you go do-it-yourself with this project you will likely save yourself many hundreds and maybe even over a thousand dollars.  There are many places on the internet where you can get plans for murphy beds or other styles of wall bed.

One common technique to complement the murphy bed is to get an ikea pax system which will be able to attach to the murphy bed mechanism so that it seems it is part of a larger wall unit.  The beauty about this is that you will have what looks like a magnificent tailor made wall unit when in reality it is simple modular construction which is exactly what ikea is known for.

Regardless, I myself decided to opt for a professionally installed murphy bed.  Well, actually it isn’t a murphy bed per se but a sico eurobed.  My mother-in-law is sleeping in it as I type and she tells me it is incredibly comfortable.  The nice thing about the eurobed vs the murphy bed is that it sits several inches higher so you can fit a bigger and hence more comfortable mattress in the mechanism. If you want to know more about the sico 24/7 wall beds check out some of the other articles here.