Bed Mattress for Murphy Beds

There are many different types of murphy bed mattress that you can put within a murphy bed set up. Unlike other types of space saving bed mattresses, such as an inflatable or fold out, the bed mattress for a murphy bed can offer you a full selection of regular bed mattresses. For example, there would be no problem to having a new memory foam bed mattress placed within your murphy bed foldout. These types of bed mattresses are for sale at Ikea. If you need to buy a mattress, there are many different kinds of bed mattresses available here and at other stores. I prefer a very firm mattress because of my back, and I can select such a mattress at any store and fit into my murphy bed frame. I use a mattress pad to soften it up a bit and provide heat. Did you know there are heated mattress pads! Here’s the one I purchased and very happy with (click picture)

 Basically, you can use any kind of bed mattress that you like, as long as it fits within the murphy bed frame, and that is the beauty of murphy beds.

There are two different kinds of murphy bed frames, ones that are designed for a one-piece decorative panel (one that comes down like a bread box door) and another kind that goes with doors that open like kitchen cabinet doors, or bi-fold “van” style doors. The  decorative panel version usually has the panel attached to the frame and the bi-fold door version is just a plain frame.

Cabinet Style
panel style

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