Sico Eurobed Wallbed

When choosing a murphy bed there are many different styles to choose from. You can go with a traditional murphy bed type which just has a wall with wooden or plastic or melamine face that pulls down into a bed. One way to go is to try a Sico eurobed wallbed system. Sico makes several different types of systems that happen to work quite well. There are big differences between a traditional murphy bed system and those that Sico makes. The most striking difference is essentially the myriad of different designs they have and foremost the ability to have a couch/murphy bed style apparatus as well.

I personally decided to get a murphy bed in my office because we have our mother-in law visiting as well as other guests quite often. We had a few choices including a traditional murphy bed. The problem with a traditional murphy bed were twofold. First, you could only fit an 8 inch mattress in there. Well, we had a nice 12 inch thick mattress which is really comfortable and would like to re-use. Why buy a new inferior mattress if you don’t have to. The second issue was the height of the murphy bed as it was pretty low. The Sico eurobed Wall bed is actually almost 3 feet in height when the bed is down so you have the feel of a normal height bed and hence normal bedroom.  Considering one of our goals was to make my mother-in-law feel welcome and give her a room of her own while she visits it made perfect sense.

So, we had the Sico eurobed installed and I must say we are very pleased with the outcome. The mechanism is incredibly well balanced so that it only takes one finger to pull the bed down or lift it up into place. So, if you aren’t the strongest person in the world don’t worry you will be able to pull this bed down. The other reason we love the Sico eurobed system is the mechanism that replaces the Box sprin actually makes the bed more comfortable by allowing the mattress to conform to the contour of your body. I was very skeptical of this at first and was concerned because the mattress felt a bit softer on the wall bed system than using the box spring. But, when you sleep on the mattress it actually helps relieve pressure points. I would say that is a definite plus!

Now, we got the traditional murphy bed system, but they have a couch murphy bed system which could also suit your needs as well. In fact when I ordered the sico eurobed wallbed from a local installer I didn’t even know that existed or else I would have gotten it myself. Regardless, we are happy with are purchase and the quality is top notch so if you are in the market for a murphy bed then the sico eurobed wallbed system is a great addition and you will be happy with your purchase.  Check out a sample below:

SICO EuroBed for SofaBed 24 7 Configuration

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