Wall Beds Denver


Looking for a wall bed or murphy bed in the mile high city? You have several options:

1) Buy A Kit from Amazon and build your own murphy bed/ wall bed.
This option is for the handy man. But considering the cheapest murphy bed / wall bed is thousands of dollars, and still requires some assembly, this may be an option for you. The other benefit of using the kit is that you can fabricate it out of the materials that are already in your home. OR if you wanted to go super cheap and do the rustic look, you could partially make the cabinet out of used pallets. Now that would be cool.  I have also put in a video from their website so you can see how it works (click in center to be taken to Vimeo).

2) Buy from IKEA (when they become available) or use IKEA pieces and do yourself.

So I’m going to tell you a little secret, currently there are no wall beds or murphy beds at the IKEA at Centennial.   You could look to see if maybe they started carrying them.  But as of this writing they just aren’t there.  I think this may have something to do with liability of selling something that moves, who knows. So you are basically left with making the unit yourself.  But the beauty of the IKEA is that you can piece together items that are all going to go together well as far as color and materials and use the kit to make it all work.  In other words, you could partially or totally build the cabinet with assembled or un-assembled IKEA materials.   Check out Www.IkeaHackers.Net. A great website for getting ideas for hacking IKEA furniture! Starting to get the picture??

Custom cabinet made of traditional Hardware Store Items:

               Hacked IKEA setup:wall-bed-ikea-pax

If you want to be creative and save some money on a murphy or wall bed in Denver, and you have some time, buy the kit on Amazon, see how its put together, and then you can go to IKEA and select a unit that could work with the bed hardware.  The beauty of this method is that you will be able to decorate the whole room with IKEA theme for a very reasonable price and your murphy bed/ wall bed will match all the furniture in the room. You can even get the mattress at the IKEA store.

9800 East IKEA Way, Centennial, CO 80112.   (888) 888-4532


3) Smart Spaces

This is a store in Denver that has murphy or wall beds!  They have a lot of nice stuff at this store and thousands of testimonials, this would be the quick and dirty way to get a wall bed into your house with a small room or a small apartment. One thing I was unable to find on their website was prices.  Usually that means $$$.  But check it out there may be some good deals on a murphy bed/ wall bed unit that will fit your small space. Keep in mind that if you didnt do the IKEA option above, you will need to find furniture that matches the murphy bed/ wall bed faces that you will buy here.  That means buying a lot more than just the bed.  If you find that you dont want to spend that kind of money or you want the IKEA look, you can always go back to option #2

Smart spaces is on 1295 S Santa Fe Drive, Denver Co, 80223 and their phone number is 303-777-6278.   www.smartspaces.com.